there are two obese black men, one indian man and one slender black man.
they are still talking in a circle about the youth they are going to save and the money they are going to get for the program. who knows how many countless they have helped and ignored.
there are young black men and women drop outs. they are collared and chased down with warrants. they don’t stand a chance. if they do one thing wrong they are placed in jail.
my head is in two places. this is what is unnerving. i don’t want to look at my smart phone. the court wants to know what happened to the young woman. they asked me what she looked like. i said that she reminded me of a woman i knew when i was a young man. what did the woman look like you knew as a young man look like the court asked. she looked like water, i said. she had yellow hair, a long face, and a handsome nose, i said. she spoke three languages. i think she was from the mid west. she was fond of language. she thought spanish was easier to learn than french. she said that her mother thought she was french but that she was from a small town in ohio. they wanted to know her name but i didn’t give it to them. my lawyer said it wasn’t required.
a young white woman who looks like an older woman has blue fingernails it’s a
wonder what a woman with blue fingernails and her needs can do for society and hope.

he has thin wrists and an indented head. i’ve seen someone like him
before in a movie or at a plaid pantry.
what happens to a person? can they account for where they go and where they end
in the famous author’s supernatural stories there is someone who goes missing.
when the writer asks where he is he is talking about himself.
what happened to him, i said.
i don’t know, the doc said.
does he think he’s my liberator? is he at all political? he’s a positivist. he’s as scared of life as i am, even more so.
the lawyer dictated the letter to me and i wrote it. i sent it to the judge by fedex overnight mail. i have a warrant over my head.
this is where we soften him up, the lawyer said.
yeah, i said.
waive the warrant, he said
my ex was in charge of the house when they did the first inspection. i didn’t receive the complaints in my mail. i doubt the court cares. i hope all they want is my money and not to teach me a lesson.
we have to find the young woman. she looks like water.
it feels like someone else has been living my life for me.
this woman here looks like water. she does small things that amount to her work. she has a wide face. she does things to it to improve how it looks. she thickens her eyebrows for self esteem. everyone is doing it so she does it as well. you can see the effect of her standing and sinking into her feet and ankles. her body has given up in certain areas. she needs the routine. she doesn’t have to think about
anything even though she does think about things. she finds thoughts to torture herself with sometimes because she’s angry at the unforeseen thoughts that hurt her. she can take medication to stop it. she doesn’t want to feel drowsy. it feels like the pain will never end and then it becomes an old friend who doesn’t exist anymore.

i have so many questions. it’s better not to ask them. it is my duty to have fun and to be happy. the dreams and struggles are over before we have had a chance to end them

i walk by the deathstar high rise on the east side of the burnside bridge. what kind of human resides there?

when did i give myself to nothing or to a system?

she is overweight. she has black curly hair.
i had to come up with a question, he said. who influenced you? we start with a question of the night.
i like your sweater, she said. she has on a violet skirt and pink shoes.
i stole it from my gf, he said.
we recorded it before he died, she said. i want to hear him read grimm fairy tales and record it.

i got a moment of glory, he said.