the room had a computer, a phone, and a file cabinet. a thin gravid man in his thirties david used it as a temporary office. david had a wife as thin and as tall as himself. he was five eight. the wife had blond hair and a flat mouth. they wanted to have a future. they had a past. they studied history to know they had a chance at an average life. the wife collated yellow, blue, and pink papers that had numbers and letters for products.
h, a,b,y, and g were the products shipped in small crates to countries d,f,g,r,e,w,s,1,2,j,and e. david had high blood pressure, psoriasis, gum disease, and anal fissures that developed into severe mental illness. his wife didn’t know that he would vomit on her sentiments. he thought that she was his assistant instead of his wife. david had been having meetings with a skinny man of medium height who had helped him with his business and personal life. product h had been hard to come by. it was the one product that was alive. it had to be looked after, appeased, and kept in the freezer over night. h never thought he was going to have feelings for something that he wasn’t able to press his body against. it mouthed words and simulated conversation, even when david kicked it it didn’t make a sound and continued to elaborate with its digits. his wife said that she had heard it speak when it was on the phone long distance to its mother in the netherlands. the netherlands, david said. i thought it was under water. it is, the wife said. david sat down and pulled up his pants to his knees and caressed the black small hairs that were dependable. he felt a pain in his chest and temple. he wasn’t going to sell product h to country d, f,g, and 1. they would use product h in the wrong way and place it into a cell with other products. product h would learn from them how to kill itself because that is what products do when they are not used how they should be.
david’s wife also was attached to product h. she listened to it every night and informed herself what reviews to read; she was always too busy to do the research herself.
she had a chord in her abdomen she stuck into the wall where ever she went to talk to herself and her peers about herself. this is how she worked a hundred hours every week. the products had three codes that had to be renewed every five years. the wife had a good life. she had solitude, agony, and a diagnosis. her breast implants, ten root canals, eczema, and high blood pressure developed into a mild depression.
she thought a man with a wife would be complacent and she was right. she used the word bandwidth repeatedly when she talked about her career and marriage. she wanted to save the working class like a politician. she used an array of words to calm and terrorize david. the words suck, piffle, manure, good, boy, and picture stressed him out. the words suddenly, money, compulsion, trust, and humanity gave him stress.