q  had black teeth, orange hair, and thick wrists. f was a severe german woman. she liked films about the holocaust. she saw the counterfeiter. she had no guilt about the holocaust. she had guilt about everything else. she had an overbearing german mother. she was an overachiever. she had to tell q about the counterfeiter. the lead actor who plays the jewish counterfeiter had a face like a quarry. the character he deftly played was a superior man. as a consummate gangster he was able to manipulate the head nazi who had a thug mentality. t had thin mean eyes. q was a teacher. he was orange hair and skull. he thought of himself as a leader of leaders. he was the one who set the tone. he liked to think he had no ties. t and q saw life as a test. they didn’t  have sex, but it didn’t dissuade them. they were on task. they worked harder than ever. they felt cocksure when they had a review. q mirrored the progressiveness of the professional educator. they were looking for someone to celebrate with. they saw a 13 year old on facebook. they liked her posts. they messaged her. they bullied her. she thought they were supporting her. she had been mocked by her classmates for most of her middle school career. it had become difficult for her to tell the difference between an insult and genuine interest. she was scared of q’s effervescent middle aged skull that had age spots and orange hair. q’s partner stabbed the mute thirteen year old. they placed f in a holding cell. she hung herself with her t-shirt. they found her splayed body in the early morning hour. f was first generation american. her father was a self made millionaire. he never assimilated into american society. he bought small plots of land when he was a young man. he was a stubborn individual. he read ten books at a time and never finished them. he had a thick german accent. f hated the mormon americans in idaho. she said they looked like mitt romney and tom cruise. she thought it was easy to  brainwash them. she lectured them on the american civil war and the alamo. she talked to the mormons in german. they liked it. they mouthed her words. they sounded more dutch than german. she thought they were cute when they sounded more dutch than german. the dutch were effective and benign. they had an interesting idea to save the land from the sea by flooding the land with water.