Alex has a machete and lighter fluid ,she read a viking poem
Her abdomen shattered into a million pieces of fascination.
Y thought Alex was a negative force. They ganged up on her. They put a helmet on her head and shot it with a rifle five times. They stabbed her neck with a needle. She had a drug overdose

The Gory pirate nazi works for a Jewish loan shark. He uses a hammer
to collect overdue money. I’m only doing my job he says like every dumb professional when the addict begs for clemency. Many of them are acquaintances of the
pirate. He knows their wives and children and girlfriends and mistresses.
The pirate lost his head and maimed a tenant who had money but said something
untoward. He does this from time to time and A has to give him a sleeping pill

How is the pirate I said.
I’ve had to pull his head out of his ass many times, A said.

I don’t get to see A as much as I would like.
I text her about the glowering clouds trees and faces.

We are red bull posts and texts.

I still don’t know why you bother with me I said.
I have to take care of something A said.

Are you angry at your husband for dying, I said.
No, Anne said.
I thought I had it hard when my wife divorced me. But a young widow is not only left by herself but she is also left to  raise the children on her own. Anne said that she felt like she was lost out at sea.
We exchange a page of writing everyday for our morale.

A said that she is the only one who can control the monster pirate.
I woke up in my room on my stomach. A large man with a beard and a bandanna
was sodomizing me. I though he had been at it for hours because I couldn’t feel anything. His face was white with no features on it. I woke up when there was daylight in the room.The rapist was not there.
I called my ex wife but no one answered. I called my mother in NY. No one answered.
I remembered that my mother has been dead for five years.
I had no one to talk to. I couldn’t call my sister. I only call her when I’m in trouble and I wasn’t going to disturb her this time.
My anus was shredded and bleeding.

I had given a tall wide thick man directions yesterday afternoon. It was the only man I had talked to that day. I couldn’t remember what he looked like apart from his nose
that looked like it was counter clockwise on his face. I felt I had seen it before. It
stayed with me and the man vanished.

The lab drew my blood. I refused the valium given to me to lower my blood pressure.
I did’t say anything about how I felt. I answered the detective’s questions. I wanted to be alone. In my dreams my assailants face looks like mucous.

I’m not American I thought. What is an American? An American is a man who drives into a large city on a highway and exits it on a highway.