We had a make shift  domicile. They wanted to be free. They had to follow an example.
Love me and don’t love me, I said.
It confused them. We needed to be sanctioned.
Go to Bill Gates and ask him to grant us ten million, I said.
I love you, I said. M You disappoint.
Shut the fuck up, said M.
M was distressed by a novel about a young girl  raised with a chimpanzee. The chimpanzee was removed to a Lab and died in an experiment for a new Aids drug.

M opened her mouth that revealed a wound. It reminded her of a small desert animal. She had nickel plaited eyes. I stuck my finger in her mouth.
A dubious French man hated the middle class, I said. He hated health. He wanted to be ill. He said no one has grown from not being ill.
M had insomnia.
M had been oppressed by her father. M was waiting for him to die. When he did she thought the pain would settle. She was with us to get away from his influence. There were others who were
from the elite. They knew how to read and write.
M thought of a monkey pine tree. There was nothing else in her mind. She didn’t know what it meant.