What would life be like without the net, I said.
It’s easier to network, said M.
Someone is shooting up the capital, said M.
It is because of the government shut down, I said.
They should fear militia people coming to shoot them, said M.
They are waiting for the government to lapse. They are waiting for their moment.
M had on sneakers that looked like fashion boots.
I’m a handsome woman, M said.
I nodded.
When someone says something I disagree with I say shut the fuck up, M said.
Shut the fuck up. I say to you shut the fuck up.
I nodded.
They have a good amount of material about the west cost art movement in the seventies at the Yale union building, said M. Amanda is someone to talk to. She is available.
I’m a handsome woman, M said. Shut the fuck up. If you don’t like it it’s not my problem.
M drove a white geo prism.
I had a break in my concentration. I managed a half smile. I remembered  Li Po’s poem about blood lust, bleached bones, banners in war, and trees dressed in human guts. M’s perfume overpowered me.
M used contacts. She’s had ulcers in her eye. She dropped a contact on the floor and slipped it back in her eye.