In the darkness there were heads in a room talking with cookie monster death metal voices, rubbing, exchanging tongue, mouth, mucus, piss, death and life. There was a table or was it a human being? I was bored with the shaved back of the heads outlined by hands and torsos
One man in the room had a buttermilk white face and red circles around his mouth. He was standing. I would rather have had him walking. He began to crawl. I kicked him. He crawled away from me. I didn’t feel like myself.
A man’s head was on fire.
He looked like Y.
Did you kill them, I screamed.
I was in the NY subway. It was like a jail and I had to dance with a man who looked like Y. There was a mapping of the catacomb. I couldn’t read the opaque eyes of the men who danced around us. The Black Gorillas were looking to kill a cop because another black man had been shot dead.
I don’t ever want you to hurt yourself Zoey, I screamed.
He says I reenact my trauma when I have sex, said Zoey.
Fuck me, Zoey said.
I don’t think that is a good idea, I said.