I was an ugly version of the healer even though we looked the same. My partner was an ugly version of myself and yet we all looked similar.
We stood in a circle. It was windy and mild, the sun resonant behind white sky.
I had a beard like the healer and black rimmed glasses with a silver insignia in the far
upper corners. I had wide brown eyes, they have continued to grow apart, and a short nose with large nostrils.
The healer was thinner than l. l was jealous of his wide stance. His feet were usually ten feet apart when he stood. He had become remote in the aftermath of nothing having happened. The healer was able to lower and raise his energy levels with a nine breath meditation.
The healer believed we were living in a volatile time and that we weren’t living in paradise. He thought that we had to be ready for the energy. He thought it could be positive.
The moon last night was powerful, said the healer. I was working on my energy to three in the morning. I saw the moon. I couldn’t believe how marvelous it was. I had no way of getting back down to my normal energy level.
Maybe you are bi-polar, I said.
We have to be ready for the new energy, the healer said. I feel them all around me. The French philosophers obsessed with madness and power. Everyone exists. Everyone has something to offer us. If all the great sages and thinkers were in one area we would go to each one of them for something different.
Health is for the middle class, said French Philosopher one.
The middle class doesn’t exist, said French philosopher two. The revolution never happened.
Everyone wants to make babies, said French philosopher three.
Today we don’t talk about the nature of shit, said philosopher four. We look at how it
is used to grow vegetables.
l saw how kind the healer’s wife was. She had on tight black pants. She had a large nose. She had a thin mouth. She was very generous and never stayed too long to hear her husband’s word, but would be there now and again to interject a word.