They were still in the over exposed city. It was dumb luck they had lived for as long as they had.
I married a woman with a mental disability. She felt that she would be happier alone than with a companion.
My adult son lived in the city without knowing I existed.
I lived in a dome tent amidst stone in a neighborhood near the city park where the affluent lived in the early half of the 21 century. They thrived after the two small wars and the ten thousand virtual wars( that didn’t happen )in cyber space.The conflicts made everyone feel they were the same. There was no beauty.
I got panicky when intel workers got heated over cyber warfare.
Countless billions died who never existed in the virtual wars.
I walked with a crowd of yellow, black, brown, red and white faces on Oregon street.
The city was white and the sky was black and glowing red day and night.
A Chinese man in blue overalls ushered me out of his workspace with the red tool case I wanted to steal to keep my papers in. He said that the number four was an unlucky number.
I thought about my mother. I felt she had understood I had failed her and I felt I had never been able to expiate my guilt because she took my failure personally and kept it to herself not allowing me to share the blame. Her brother lived alone. He blamed me for her illness. He refused to talk to me.