Three obese Native American Indian working poor women talked amongst themselves.
They are from small towns in Idaho.
Girl got brain damage from synthetic marijuana, said d.
I’m not going to punch her in the face. she is a rotten corpse.
I’m not touching her stuff. I’m not touching none of her stuff.
They talk shit about other folk, I think to myself. I was the eavesdropper.
I recorded like a machine. I felt good not having to think. I did feel as I recorded.
I thought about their ancestry and struggle. I wanted to help them. I hated myself for it.
We should be dealing with one another on equal terms. If anything I needed to learn from them.
What makes this right in her mind, said D. Why can’t she acknowledge that shit.
Two of the women talked at the same time, another was on her cell.
High chew, said F. You can eat it. it’s gum you can eat.
Lincoln city, said R. She had a stroke. She can smoke inside in Lincoln.
Bruises everywhere from being drunk. Unrecognizable. She shaved her hair.
I was sitting in the rocking chair with the baby. The rocking chair has them
wood things. Something was pushing that same thing. Mindy was at the table. She was so drunk. It scares me when she’s in the house.
F likes to tell the plot lines of paranormal  movies and movies in general.
I kicked a friend out, said D. She was talking shit about me.
D was pugnacious and deferred to caution.
Fat ass fucker, said D. The doc is never again is he touching my son with the pk thing.
She rapped her kid on the head with her knuckles.
When I listened to them I was reminded that I had been looking forward to them.
D put down her friend/acquaintance that talked badly about others. She tended
to moralize when she got angry. She liked things out in the open, subterfuge confused her. She had a relationship with another woman when she was married. It confused her. She got over it by moving in with a mechanic. He didn’t like it when she
disagreed with him. He liked to hear himself talk. She thought about killing him in
his sleep. She didn’t want child services to have her daughter again. They had already
removed her from their home. It gave her time to work on herself and she was
grateful for the weight she lost worrying about her daughter. She hated having to tell her friends about it. She told herself not to scream at her daughter when she played with
her purse. You don’t want to do that she said.
D thought her man auto mechanic was sleeping with another woman. He made more than enough yet they barely had money to cover the mortgage. He had to be spending the money on someone or something else. He did’t initiate sex. When she grabbed his penis it didn’t want to play. She had pains in her chest from wanting to kill him.
L is an Eskimo from Alaska. She was looking at mugshots in the busted paper. She saw a man with a Spanish name. When she said it to herself really fast three times it sounded like selfish loser. She texted this insight to her friend on her i phone.
D’s  grandmother was orphaned and grew up with a white family.
D was grateful that her grandmother was adopted. It gave her a chance to get off the reservation. D said that the other side of her family who remained on the rez are stuck.
The girls get pregnant early, she said. They share husbands and boyfriends.

Whitey says that we are alcoholics, said D.