life is good on the other side of death

i capture spirits i see in stone in trees with my eyes with my lens
held within screams i see looking back at me
thru my lens thru my eyes thru my spirit i see
as it captures me

i capture the spirits i taste in the waste laid
choosing to be blind dark matter choosing
spirit as i taste it

pallid is the color of the space between dark matter and living
dark matter creeping toward the balance
intent on tipping
intent on inversion
everything remains the same everything already changed
darker shades of pallid

past the balance still tipping

what is dark become light
dark become sane become light
dark becomes

The ellipse of the universe seems unbalanced
as poles balance on forces pulling
a pole dancing
crossing over to darkness
gains substance gains life as human substance gains fear
love becomes minority creeping

we are the life earth breathes and becomes, the sum
become one
with each choice embraced
awakening as one with sight
seeing the tipping
blind to the choosing of tipping

as we have been choosing

darkness cannot defend against light not lit where dark matter lives
bright merely blinding the shattered
scattering light not living lit

unless i live lit in it

knowing god exists and religion’s a sin,
existing outside of within
waging war beyond scarring
preaching free will

spirit over heart

denying dark matter humanity
it craves as it creeps knee deep in mire tired of the tear tired of the pull
tired of the falling into darkness in sight of the light
tired of dying while living
praying for death to the light
holding me free of dark matter craving

i am powerless over denying power over choosing power for purposes of
my own free will
choosing the power the pain of the heart dead
in my living
in my breathing
in my seeing what is real
outside of reflection

i am free in my death still breathing still moving
on and forward as living creates i see i create i become living
outside of death
outside of fear outside
of the not killing I spent my life living inside of

not knowing not wanting to be strong
yearning for violence
lusting bound
restraints of my making of my choosing
holding asunder cold craving
suppressing free will choosing to take another
aware of the vain in abstinence and prayer

i am already burning from taking the first

yeah, life is good on the other side of death