Jack Conte constructs some of the most impressive D.I.Y.  multi-instrumental mania humankind has ever known. It’s totally Zouch. No publishing, no record label (how’s that even possible?) from his mind to your eyes and ears. No mess, just the honesty of a true artist that WILL NOT BE IGNORED. This pure, noise making, throat soothing, body moving mystery is utterly provocative.

In “Only Dreaming” he brings out the cathedral and bruiser effect pedal, mixing keyboard, piano, guitar, drums, bass and vox. Is there this anything musical maniac can’t do?

“Only Dreaming”

His recreations of the massive hit “Judas” by Lady Gaga, and “The Super Mario Theme Song”, make it obvious that his vision is ready for a mass audience. These action-packed songs are raw creative expression, and a force to be reckoned with. “Judas” makes you feel a vulnerability, he’s adding beautiful things to Gaga.

Watch out for this man, he’s a hurricane. Some of the most definitive music of our time will no doubt flow through him.

“Judas”- Lady Gaga (with Fireball)