Weird story happened recently. During my usual surf – i’ve found another channel of Kyle Kallgren. And I’m a big fan of his works and it was really strange to find a another channel full of nonsensical monotonous videos. And i wrote a post about it. And then i received a comment from the real Kyle Kallgren – and it turned out that this channel  is not his – but a troll-impostor as he called him. And it’s fascinating in many ways. You may wonder why anyone would take another persons name to get attention. This also may be the answer. But don’t think too hard about it. Even I don’t care. There’s more than this.


This channel contains something that in certain circumstances may be called a conceptual art. In a Martin Creed way. It’s very vile and mean-spirited kind of art. The one that can be best described by the phrase “take that“. It’s a collection of videos – most of them posted two years ago – all of them are 15 minutes and one second long and they all have no sound and just one fixed image. In case of this post – colours. And it’s wonderfully mesmerizing in its dumb simplicity.

So why it matter? Because it discharges the pus.

Yes. And because of that – it is good. It produces this legendary “void of blank-nil-null-any-none”. And honestly – after some disappointing bullshit and cowbell like The Tribe (the movie that was so lame and empty i thought all the substance was evacuated from its own atrocity) – looking at this is a relief. It’s more of anger management but at least these videos retain some sense of casualty. Y’know – happens. Phosphenes do their job better than one might expect. Raise a weathered thumb. The blurred mesh and murmur will drift in the gregarious smoke. Enjoy (and don’t forget to watch Jarman’s Blue):