Three seconds, a blur, surreal and in a fog, as her face came into focus
Three seconds, all rushing waves of shock and love and wonder
Three seconds, then clear and true, crystalline, I see my life in hers forever

How wonderful this unknown, the charge, the newness of it all
How wonderful the intrigue, courage, like a force, grows into an unseen armor
How wonderful her eyes, when seeking simple answers, can find comfort in my own

We share a language, unique and odd, complex without translation
We share a look, a grin, a smirk, an instant secret understood
We share kindred warmth, stirring, revolt, in unison, our hearts well paired

Shielding fear or pain, I lie in wait, to calm anguish, crushing disappointment
Shielding hurt or despair, I sacrifice, to soothe sorrow, untimely sadness
Shielding failure or doom, I rally and cheer, to calm doubt and second guesses

Reveling the triumphs, in days or weeks, small or large, like medals of well earned merit
Reveling the winner, with praise, a guide to reach towards and embrace the stars
Reveling in happy, in quiet, in food and laughter, in sun and beachy sand

Holding on if ever tighter, not looking far ahead, so to keep perfection with me
Holding on with evening whispers, nursing and tending tenuous hope to share more dreams
Holding on her subtle strength, a blinking change, I lean to listen closely, and begin to truly hear

Gazing as I see her shift, a pivoting so slight, a step, a different pace, she slowly turns away
Gazing all the questions, wringing, worries, knowing answers aren’t so clear
Gazing the resign, a mantra often heard, my promise of acceptance through pain aside

Blurring all the stories, parallels and countless lessons with the rules
Blurring all obscure duties, calls, gestures, seen as meaningless traditions
Blurring tears, I won’t release as weapons, no intent to stop what she desires

Lovingly so proud, fist pumping, peeking at the heights she scaled and knew to aim for
Lovingly with conflict, her thirst, anticipates new canvas, so vast, to paint a bigger dream
Lovingly embrace this plan, this blossoming, a breaking out, knowing it was always bound to be

Three seconds, a flash, so quick, fleeting as a sigh, her face soon out of focus
Three seconds a nod, his hand, her true love, awaits to join within this wonder
Three seconds, a parting bittersweet, my daughter’s smile, I see her life in mine forever