Imagine a shoe built from flat carbon fiber, a molded foot-bed and three-dimensional sole pieces that come together by sliding each slot into the other.

The concept may seem a little bewildering to most, but to performance artist/designer Alicia Farmis, the idea is uncomplicated.

Moon Life United Nude Shoe

Farmis, the initiator of the “Moon Life” movement (a project concerning space travel and the conjectures about future living in space), teamed up with some of her fellow artists and United Nude to craft what is now known as the “Moon Life United Nude Flat Pack Shoe”.

Their goal was to construct a shoe fit for outer space without forsaking style and elegance. While working on keeping things aesthetically appealing, the United Nude team had to create a shoe that would be able to be functional given the extreme conditions in outer space (i.e. gravity, temperature and pressure).

Moon Life United Nude Shoe

Because of those conditions, the shoe is light and compact, which makes it easier for transport while travelling.

They may seem difficult to assemble, but the shoes take less than ten minutes (per shoe), and the upper of the shoes are interchangeable, allowing customers to customize them.

Moon Life United Nude Shoe

The team is currently working on a final version of this product which will be available for purchase in select stores.

You can now plan your interplanetary trip, and do so in style, thanks to the folks at United Nude.