byKristen Fisher

Novella is a band that is so new they haven’t yet crossed the ocean to play a live show in New York. The group consists of Hollie Warren (of the She Set), Sophy Hollington and Suki Sou. These ethereal girls met while living in Brighton, with two thirds of the band already living together. They moved to London to create music, as it was bound to be. Influenced by fuzzed out tunes, they lose control. Please experience this for your listening pleasure. Can it get any better, you’ll ask yourself and yes it does.

Listen to “You’re Not That Cool”:

After hearing through the grapevine from another band about these girls, I instantly had to go home and listen to them.

In a chorus, with their long hair covering their face; you are in constant wonder as to who they are. It’s nice for once to hear the music instead of going based on image. These girls deliver a round sound, brash hard-hitting instruments, yet soft enough to cause a hypnotic dream. In unison their voices connect to drive that force home.

EP cover "Don't Believe Ayn Rand"

Don’t Believe Ayn Rand