As soon as we Zouch editors saw the work of Tucker Cullinan we knew we’d be publishing some samples. On the one hand it’s surreal design, a bit like the expressionist architecture by Hermann Finsterlin we showcased a few months ago. Yet it feels more rooted in reality, almost as if these incredible contraptions could actually be out there in the real world somewhere, in a secret laboratory buried 20,000 leagues below. The blueprints included further enhance the depth and meticulousness of Tucker’s vision.

“This series of paintings and blueprints were based on the idea of nature merging with commercial and public transportation. The Aardvark is meant to replace large construction vehicles that travel over rough or impassible terrain. Where as the Ostrich Submarine is a more like an aquabus for long excursion among the sea or between islands. Lithodes is an underwater salvage lobster/crab mean to work on the seabed finding sunken ships and such. The Sailfish is much like an oil tanker lined with compartments for liquids and supplies.” – Tucker Cullinan

Ostrich Submersible