by Alexander Miller
The Drug of Choice.
It makes you smile.
Leaves your lips ajar, gaping,
To kiss, to breath,
Heavily grasping for air,
While stomachs graze one another,
With fervent perspiration.
It needs no veins, no nostrils,
And no lungs, to bear a smoky Release.
Just an empty vessel that sits atop of the neck.
Emptiness of the mind
And a willing Heart
Filled with the juice of acceptance and
It is the most toxic of drugs,
Causing Hate, Rage, Passion, Urgency,
Dogged Strength.
High you become, with the strength of Sampson
Shedding locks to relinquish it
For the wishes of another
And yet this drug,
Destroys so many
Given its positive image, a notion
Just a taste is all it takes,
One hit, and Hooked you become
An addict for its power.
The drug pollutes, persuades, assuages
The most convincing and docile of souls
Even the Hateful.
The Drug that can send you Below,
Or Above,
It is Love.