The idea of a book being adapted into a film is surely not a new one. It happens every day in Hollywood. Sometimes the source material is common knowledge but more often than not, the small ‘Based on’ credit is about all the glory the original content receives. But as much as this happens in the film industry, rarely, and perhaps never, is the person behind both the book and the film the very same person.

Jeff Campagna was directing and writing feature films long before he decided to jump into the literary world with a book, but now, after a few years of doing both, his worlds have collided…in a great way.  The first short story he ever wrote was titled “The Day The Old Man Knocked” and was in line with his seemingly consistent conceptualization of an alternate reality that is virtually indistinguishable from our own. Since, he has written and published a slew of other short fiction as well as articles, essays and poetry.

Early this year, BRAVO Television, a large Canadian broadcaster, gave Jeff the opportunity to transform that very first short story into a short experimental art film. With cutting edge camera equipment and techniques combined with a great crew and an uncommercial vision, Jeff and his team set out to make a glorious but modest piece of art.

The film is complete and is scheduled to premier on Bravo Television this winter and is already knee deep in the international film festival route. Here is a trailer for the film:

The Day The Old Man Knocked – Trailer from jeff campagna on Vimeo.