Industrial Radical is the new signature steampunk label of Wardrobe Surgeon, an ethical and sustainable fashion design studio founded by British fashion designer Kirsty Spencer.

Steampunk jewelery fits remarkably well into Kirsty’s strong belief in utilizing sustainable and recycling methods in her fashion design, and all the jewelery is built from components that are no longer working, such as watch movements, clock parts and other mechanical items. These already-attractive items are given a second lease of life when transformed into neo-Victorian jewelery and accessories, while still providing a stunning aesthetic that breaks from the mainstream and speaks to the stylish steampunk community.

Several members of the steampunk community have even sent Kirsty their family heirlooms that are broken or no longer working, to be transformed into rings, necklaces, brooches and other forms of jewelery, giving their most precious items a second chance at a very fashionable life.

Cuff Links

Dead Watch Bottle


Poison Bottle Necklace

Radical Ring

Industrial Radical currently sells its jewelery in a few select fashion boutiques across the country, and through its own online store at More information can be found on the website, and also through Industrial Radical’s Facebook and Twitter pages.