Whoever has it doesn’t know,

Tea without sugar is tasteless,

Food without salt, the chef is careless,

My twisted mind won’t move the queen in chess,

Because the king won’t bother to guess,

Where do I belong, can’t decide, I’m a mess,

All of a sudden I saw a hill,

I stood upon it, the hill took me further,

The hill was my escape from prison

An escape from a highly detained prison of stupidity,

The hill made me a poet,

I’m highly wanted and searched by prison officers,

The hill unexpectedly made my hideout,

My hideout is full of words like a beach sand,

I’m not a thirsty fish in the ocean anymore,

Now I’m a big fish found in deep sea,

Even sharks made me their law,

I’m their law since X and Y axis in my graph are perpendicular,

This knack made me a warrior,

I now stand in the front line,

My sword isn’t blunt,

It kills even thin air unknowingly,

A wake up call isn’t necessary,

Because the war I’m in is silent,

Only words written down fight,

These words fight in the arena with no blood,

But with rhymes that turn ears to eyes and eyes to ears,

With this flair I’m exceptional.