fake sartorialist fashion art image

sar-to-ri-al [saar táwree əl]

definition: of tailoring: relating to tailoring or clothing in general.

For those of us who eat, breathe and live fashion, Scott Schuman is something of a style sensei. His blog, The Sartorialist is an ode to commoners and the individualism reflected through their style. Schuman and his camera have traveled across the globe to capture the essence of self-expression by way of clothing and his blog– along with his keen eye for great style– has gained worldwide recognition. Many like to think of Schumann as the father of the “street style” movement, often seen as a sub-section on a number of blogs.

However, there’s been a new kid on the block since 2009. He goes by the name of Eduardo Cachucho and he’s the brains behind The Fake Sartorialist. He’s fake, he’s hip and he knows it! Hotter than a glued on Fendi badge. Hotter than a fake Louis V bag.faj

Cachuco’s blog is dedicated to answering fashion’s hard questions such as “’Is viscose the new lycra” and “’is fake the new real’.

The blog was also created as a way to add a little humor to the sometimes too serious fashion industry and as a means of creative expression for Cachuco.

The pictures found on the blog are a collection of several fashionable photographs reconstructed by Cachuco to create a new picture using bits and pieces from different photos. Not only is the final product impressive, the blog’s author also takes time to write a little story about the newly reassembled images.

fake sartorialist fashion art image“Donatella worked for years in the competitive world of fashion. She once bit off part of Vivienne Westwoods ears for a photo-shoot.

…She hand sewed everything she wore. But there was just one problem in Donatella’s life…”

fake sartorialist fashion art image“The Japanese have trained a rare breed of model. Half samurai / half fashion model. They are called ‘utsukushii mono’ (the beautiful ones).

…Their concentration is so practiced that they wouldn’t flinch if a photographer blasted their flash right into their eyes. Yet like their ancient samurai peers, they are a rare breed.

fake sartorialist fashion art image

“Amanda was trained in the art of the woods from as early as she could remember. One of her very first memories was of husking out a raccoons fur to make a hat with.

…She planned the shot to the last detail: A velvet dress with and scorched natural scenes, the neoprene inner from a hitchhiker that died in an avalanche, a gold threaded necklace that the made herself in a furnace, her fox-tail fan and her…”

The Fake Sartorialist is making his mark on the blogosphere one photograph at a time. He is indeed “hotter than a glued on Fendi badge”!