Sky is heart
Ground world is home
Oceans and seas the symbolic mythic
free blood pulsing within
Burning spirit seeking an out
A rip tide of gentle current
Openly spaced, Yet rigorous run
No time for guarded repressed center
An inner core,
living to breath beneath a lighthearted dancing merry sky

Scraping concrete, maneuvering flexible
throughout a dark cavern of limited light
Night a breaker of some
Others zesting to rove about and find adventure within
Celestial color of wandering stars and bright illuminated moon,
heart of skyworld before dawn
Open seas call, a voice, a carefree abandon from land life.
Coaxing and calm,
relentless coasting of ripping perpetual glossy motion

Gravity dispels a disillusioned mind to cower
from its native original element,
To which it, if come to course
could fuse a bond to feel and control
between home of Earth ground, natural waters, and skyworld heart
and spirit of soul center.