Seu Jorge is just the kind of musician I like. Raw vocals, passionate performance, skilled songwriting and creative daring. I first saw the Brazilian artist, who is credited with the renewal of pop samba music, in Wes Anderson’s ‘Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou‘ and, I’m sure like many others, could not decide if I was watching a singer act or an actor sing. Turns out it was the former and it was not the first time I had seen him on the silver screen. Seu also had a role in the Oscar nominated film ‘City of God’ where he played Mané Galinha.

Check Seu out doing a cover in Portuguese of David Bowie’s “Changes” in ‘Life Aquatic’ for which he supplied most of the soundtrack.

His love for film and music culminate in his latest creative endeavor ‘The Model‘; a companion film to his new album ‘Seu Jorge and Almaz’. The 40 year old powerhouse has teamed up with director Kahlil Joseph to shoot the film which will be split into two chapters, on location in a beautiful residence outside of Hollywood, California.

Check out the first chapter titled “Marcello in Limbo”

The still-unreleased second chapter titled “Oshun and the Dream” explores, through lucid dreams, Seu’s struggle with his muse.