Zouch Magazine’s Jeff Campagna interviews three major graffiti artists (REN, BOMBA, HOPE) that are featured in the new 484 page photo book “Toronto Graffiti – The Human Behind The Wall

ZOUCH – How old were you when you painted your first wall and what motivated you to do so?
REN – Nice try! My motivation was a trip to NYC in 1980.

ZOUCH – Does graffiti have a cultural significance beyond that of the obvious artistic merit?
REN – I think you have this question backwards. Graffiti has an obvious cultural significance. The debate is about its artistic merit.

ZOUCH – What separates graffiti from vandalism?
REN – The eye of the beholder.

ZOUCH – How does Canadian graffiti rate on the international scene?
REN – At this point in my career, I’m just concerned about “my area”. Local is of more interest to me, and I don’t really know or care, how Canadian graffiti “rates” globally.

ZOUCH – As a graffiti artist, what are your views on censorship?
REN – Censorship is a tool to prop up a society’s morals.

ZOUCH – Beyond other artists, what influences you and your work?
REN – Patterns in clothes, letters and designs in media. I guess people or things in my environment that catch my eye and inspire me.

ZOUCH – What gives you sudden inspiration to paint?
REN – Good weather.

ZOUCH – What is your ‘dream wall’?
REN – The NEXT wall!

Never before has such a coveted opportunity ever been made available to the general public! If education is power, then “Toronto Graffiti – The Human Behind The Wall” is powerful! This 484-page book of stories showcases 1000+ images which document 30 years of Graffiti in Toronto.

Zouch Magazine’s Jeff Campagna caught up with three major graffiti artists (REN, BOMBA, HOPE) that are featured in the book and asked them some personal and philosophical questions about art, vandalism, spray paint and dreams. Check out the exclusive interviews now.

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