scent of perfume
scent of first summer rain
rain drops on my face
rain washed flowers
flowers of viburnum
flowers in a funeral wreath
wreath of deception
wreath of candy
candy floss in the summer breeze
candy cane cookies
cookies on the browser
cookies with milk
milk makes me sick
milk bath for beauty
beauty is eye catching
beauty of the coral reef
reef of lost words
reef and marine life
life is a challenge
life of the party
party on my birthday
party all night
night time chat by the fireplace
night terrors
terrors of the internet
terrors of the jungle
jungle safari
jungle book
book of knowledge
book fair
fair to him
fair and lovely
lovely shoes
lovely day
day at the beach

day with my mother
mother teresa
mother of pearls
pearls from oysters
pearls to die for
for my best friend
for sale
sale for christmas
sale for kids
kids in the orphanage
kids in the park
park for play
park for dogs