Uh-hmmm. Remember Paul Verhoeven’s seminal kinda anti-war kinda pro-militarism kinda whatever-you-want epic Starship Troopers? The one which combined going apeshit with batshit crazy surrounding. OK, so there was a prom scene. Where hero decides that he has nothing else to do but enlist and get hogtied on propaganda. You can hear a David Bowie song in the background. From the then-recent album OUTSIDE.

It was covered by Zoe Poledouris, daughter of Basil Poledouris who did the score for the film (she also did another  song for the film titled “Into It“). It follows closely the original with a little twist – two words (and thus the whole meaning) were changed: instead of “Oxford Town” there’s “Paradise”. Because anti-war satire can’t be subtle but can be neat. And it adds a nice stroke to a bigger picture of the world which had gone mad with absurdly distorted  concepts of honor, dignity and common sense.