Don’t stop looking for love that has emptied in your soul child gauge / don’t stop looking for someone who will love you and give love that will full tanked your love gauge / don’t stop looking for peace and harmony, out from this world barbed wire which formed in countries, divided by countrymen as concentration camps /

Don’t stop looking for the bread to feed your kids, no matter how the slave masters whom changed named into bosses, whoop you with whips of taxation, insurances, fees and penalties /

Don’t stop looking for your bloodlines under the lost tribes of Kemett / don’t stop looking for your inner self, whom you could be apart from snorting and whoring / don’t stop looking for cure of your diseases, cause anything that has negativity must have positivity /

If there is a cause, there must be a reasons and whenever there’s reason ,there could be formulas and when there are reasoned formulas there should be a solution /

Its like metaphysics, keep looking what you are looking as for sorrow and sadness antibiotics /

Keep looking for it, giving up its a crime so strive to achieve it/ keep looking for the right spouse /

Keep looking for the meals of your landlord after you have your meal so he could also has his meal by you enabled paying your bill /

Keep looking for your guardian angel, keep looking the possible means of how you will get untied from rope that strangle your hopes /

Keep looking your beauty on that mirror, embrace the God’s creation don’t change anything into you, based on what you like to see from others / keep looking for your inner beauty, soul or mind / keep looking../