A circumcised sigh,

Came out and blew up my face,

I looked dehydrated.


It wasn’t stress,

The sun was sympathetic to me,

The option it gave me,

Was to burn my skin,

As if i was an iceberg,

In an ocean melting down into pieces,


I am poor

Yet the sun promotes it’s product,

Even if I had money to buy the product,

I wouldn’t bother,

The sun’s heat is free like air,

Such a product should be condemned to a cooking school,



Hmm is the sound I make when in doubt,

Doubt that turns into anxiety,

In a moment that I realize,

The only option is to put aside the doubt,

And let whatever is to happen, happen.


A thought deep in my subconscious,

A thought of satisfaction,

A revelation of beauty,

It could be anything,

Good or bad,

Sweet or sour,

Pain or desire,

And at that moment no words can explain,

But hmm makes the perfect fitting.