by Maria JM Farmere
Thoughts, vital body wrapped around
Can’t miss a happening, can’t miss a sound
There, staring face in upon eyes of open space
There, is the calling, there is the falling out of
Tragedy stricken,
Looking outward upon,
Vital body wrapped around
Water from heavens down to earth ground
Hailing a breath of thunderstruck heart
Wailing, tearing the Earth body
Screams of panic ridden organic life
Taken away, from this plane
Pummeled over by tides of natural strife
By the Given, the gifts of once foresaken
Cry, nowhere left to plead
Cry, nowhere left to look
Broad glare of dirt home
Empty path of destruction eaten left
Taken, the painstaken once-built
Given, the return of a gift
Reposessed, life breath
Standing mild, a frigid frozen
of stunned time paused panic
The exhaling sounds of mass scare
Taken, those sounds
to somewhere not of this place,
but of Above space.
Thoughts, a vital body wrapped around,
Intensely laden horrific scene
Aftermath a victory of non-rejoycing
a cycle of endless seen mourning.
Eyes of this vital breath, staring out,
empty, lost…
Tidal pools crashing forth and calmed again.
Death of scores.
Never knowing why the Earth tempest
came, wreaked havoc upon and left.
Cries gone,
yet not faded
Cries made now forever held in mid-drift
of exhaling paused time rift.
Grief pounded,
Sudden intense lift.
A shocking compelling moment of
of calling out,
falling out betwixt
children of organic dust and
Earth mother.