maj12the crocodiles that threaten
this huge loom of our consciousness
wearing that fawn raincoat
beloved, the condition of Water
it would perhaps be better to say
it is elaborate, it is obsessive
the supreme formula, drowned or hanged
blew the match out and vanished
the annihilation of the self, medicine of metals
magical vessels and things like that
cascaded through this place

below the Abyss, hostile unless
he stood there, the dancing sorcerer
Circe and Medea, light into the darkness
a knowing quality in the wink
the apparent increase begins to stir
impoverished half square mile of dirt unravelled
the true story, ideas crossing the border
on the other side of that suddenly vaprous territory
anarchist anonymity, the capricious element of magic

compromise was a mark implied in marriage
remain flexible, this idea of sacrifice is…a wrong idea
not faith while in life, rest, ecstasy
grill of small squares stirring in the darkness
the things that tilted me toward thinking:
animals and children, uprights of the gallows
strange, immemorial, moribund
cloistered in all these windswept arches
explore what this place means
existence is passed the ultimate secret of magic
out of the room and popped green, the colour of grace


Source texts:

Crowley, Aleister. The Book of Thoth. Weiser Books, 1974.
Alan Moore Interview, “Mindscape & Mysticism” by The Disinformation Crew.