by Maria JM Farmere   Floundering about in a fog All noise faded from hearing hold, All but that heralding echo of a siren song, distant now but as a conscious forthwith moves amidst smokey brume of fogged wilderness land Louder still the song becomes, Matrix of ever rhythmic hum Methodically entrancing, A soul to awe fill inspires Dreamt a said litany in full focal bloom Ghastly in dreaded beauty of vociferous sound Melodic cast a spell through ever piercing harmonic tune upon wind currents Elongated wails, howling of low and high note tides whispered tones carry through an echoing smooth Stride, aware, stumble amok betwixt a mindful state of wander lust void Siren song a temptation for ears upon to fall Designed to storm crash a searching fool with beauty call of unearthy grace in fully formed tempos of harmonic space.