By Laura Towne


My life’s companion
This here guitar
You see this nick here
Here by the neck
Here’s where I dropped her
In a bar, three streets off of Beale.

Close as I’ll get I suppose.
She deserves better though
This here guitar
Her strings should be strummed by greatness
Touched by the hands of a King
She’s a Lucille cousin for sure

You see that scratch there
That’s from a truckers cab
We was hitching to a gig
That turned into street corners
She and me been together
Longer than childhood

She keeps my secrets
Tells my stories
Feeds me when I am hungry
Cleans my soul when I am corrupted.
Once young and gleaming
Same as me

She bears the mark of a lived in life.
Same as me
This here guitar
Still sings sweet
Here with me again and always
Three streets off of Beale.