by Nicholas Slayton


Is the moment of peace in the storm,
The epiphany in the crowd.
It carries us through the hollows of the world,
The dark paths haunted by lonesome specters and lost souls.
It is a burning hearth fueling life,
An all-consuming fire growing ever stronger with time.
Love gives us purpose and makes each day a new paradise
And when all has faded, love lives on as a

Are the root of identity,
The driving reminder of all said and done.
Memories give comfort to the chaotic present,
Or haunt minds long fled from the past.
They never leave us,
And in the end are our only constant companions.
Memories wait at the end of all introspection,
The final resting place of all

Are where we lose ourselves,
Cutting loose from the bonds of self-doubt.
They are the raging rivers of the mind,
A place to drown in our thoughts and come out anew.
Dreams are a window into the soul,
And hidden desires that can never be pursued.
Dreams are where we go to get away from the claws of the world
And find out what we wish we could be, and what we

Can save people from themselves
And push one toward the common good.
They show what the world can be,
And offer a path toward that idea.
They can inspire a generation
To come out from under the cynicism of another.
Hopes are the powerful hands of humanity
But also so fragile, so easily shattered by

Is the coldest of winters,
The deadest of deserts.
It carves out the soul of a man,
Leaving a hollow shell lost in time.
It can pull a man free from the world
And let everything pass him by.
Despair is a constant companion,
Self-doubt lingering at the edge of

Is what binds us together,
And what we fear most.
Lost causes echo out
Amid missed opportunities and affairs.
It is the ever present relic of what we learn
And what we have come to accept.
Memories are a reminder of all that we have,
But in the end, fade compared to

Is the eternal mercy,
The embrace of companionship.
It shines brighter than any star,
And burns hotter than any sun.
It is the essence of life,
And what preserves us even in death.
It heals us and cares for us,
And I know not of anything greater than