By Alexander Miller

Man took years to split the atom.
What was thought to be the smallest;
Under a microscope, aiming to create what will destroy.
There lies a thing.
Learning to split things apart,
Not nurturing that Man stay together.

A simple thing it seems, for Man and Woman,
To stay together,
A relationship morphs into work,
A Task.
Arguments push us apart.
We shout, yes, and the inadequate
Feelings burrow in our bellies.
We want to split to ease the pain Love causes.
Love is a process of discovery.
An adventure for two scientists,
Man and Woman.
But Man has spent too much Time,
Figuring out the split.
Rather than forging the bond.

It can be an ugly thing.
Sometimes necessary.
Fission is more difficult among human beings.
Comfort is at stake.
And we aren’t willing to risk it.
It’s hard to find comfort
With another person.
Misunderstandings Brew,
While Secrecy is man’s tool.
And we are mystified as to why we grow,