By Alessandra Bava


“Just because” is not the
right way to phrase
this thought in lines.
Yet, this is all I know:
it had to sift out of
me, like stifling rage,
this sudden concern
that the shape counts
but so much more the words.

Because language is
what matters most and
it is not really
important whether you
embrace it – as you would
a bazooka – or hold it
as a worn quill or
smear the warmth
your breath left
on the window with the
tip of your finger.

Language has a power
we may not always be aware of.
Words injure more
people than bombshells,
but fear not to use
them for the right purpose.
Everyone needs a word–
even those who you might
think would need it less.

Profess your language
and state your thoughts.
Brandish words, if necessary.
But, feed on them too. Savor
them. Let them roll in
your mouth. Take pleasure
in using them wisely.

Just consider this.