Staring out in to the night
We call upon our memories
To deliver us from sadness
And augmenting wariness…

As oceans are slowly drained of life
Our mysterious nature is exposed as rife
With soulless, countless, meritless hype

Into the crust of the earth
The dragon slowly bites
With its tempting ruses
Concealing its endless night

This life we have at its root I know is right
So against the smothering of light
I command myself to fight
The realities we fear
Are the entities to smite

Vacuous sounding boards echoing meaningless tripe
Are gateways to hardship and epochs of strife
This picture is bleak, a vision of fright
Yet to point to the darkness, one must be conscious of light

If no purpose exists for the explosion of life
If our technologies were trifles in a sea of ceaseless blight
Then surely none could feel aligned with anything I’ve said tonight?