One day while flipping through an old copy of Wallpaper Magazine, I stumbled upon some breath-taking photos by an Italian photography company, Coppi Barbieri. This company has very little biographical information available online, so it was tricky to discover exactly who the brains behind the operation are. If Google search results are correct, there’s a dynamic husband and wife team behind the incredibly beautiful images seen below.

coppi barbieri art

Coppi Barbieri specializes in advertising promo shots, and when I saw this set of images in Wallpaper Magazine, I knew I had to see more. The photographers have mastered the art of composition, colour and texture; not to mention the fact that they have managed to make connections between disconnected subject matter (as seen in these images) very successfully.

coppi barbieri craft

Click here to see more of Coppi Barbieri‘s stunning work – you will not be disappointed!