The first time I laid eyes on the artwork of England’s Rima Staines, I stopped dead in my tracks. Then I was floored.

Rarely do you find art that can make you feel nostalgic, while simultaneously transporting you into realms of fantasy at the frontiers of your imagination.

As I continued to peruse her work, I often found myself wondering: where will I be taken next?

When examining curious imagery of this sort, we can fantasize endless narratives…

Some that may seem quite pleasant at first,

can later become twisted and dark.

We must now scurry away! In order to avoid being frightened to death, or even devoured!

It’s time to pull ourselves together and get back into the swing of things.

But certainly this cannot be the last we’ll see of Rima Staines?

Return to this place in one quarter moon, and the rest… will be explained.

(or… simply go to part 2 straight away)