Dear Sir,

Hopefully these words won’t  make you spit out,

I f I had your  dials,

I’ll call you and talk business.

Silver or lead is not my to do list,

In making money you are a beast,

I want the good in you,

The bad I’ll exclude,

Don’t be rude,

People liked your character of Robin Hood,

I’ll build a statue of you,

Kindly accept my offer,

Can we work together,

Reply this request with a box of cigars,

Over my door steps as a yes,

A smirk over my face,

As I smoke a  cigar,

Dreaming of becoming a tycoon,

While you becoming my mentor,

I can assure you,

I won’t let you down,

I will be my best,

And only my best,

In making clean money,

Our business meetings will be held in yatchs and private jets,

The country we are going to live in will be named money,

And we are going to be presidents,

In one country in which it’s citizens are countless,

Wherever you are,

Read this out with compassion,


Your business associate.