Among the glut of wanted
posters in the P.O. Lobby
case is one with crime
details half hidden
by a burglar’s follies.
What shows beneath
the least dangerous,
most wholesome
gentle face
in the collection
is that she’s sought
for possession
and detonation of
destructive devices
not to mention
interstate flight.
Brown hair and eyes,
three sons share
the eleven aliases
serving as wings.
I’m struck with
visions of these
boys – their days
of hide and seek,
matches, lighters,
timers and fuses
handy outlaw toys plus
impromptu fireworks,
movie style chases
and narrow escapes.
What a nitwit I must
seem, face so close
to the glass.
Back of hand
wiping my breath
off as if damning
evidence, I turn
my collar up, slip
away slowly
at first.