On nights like this; I reminisce of the memories I thought I knew;

And; all I do is hope to see this night through;

On nights like this;

I’m sitting in this empty mundane room

while thoughts zoom


through my distracted mind trying to unwind from these destined lies

lies; spinning in my head;

with words left unsaid..

On nights like this;

should not;

be recalling this;




the toying games…

On nights; like this;

why go through this insecure muddled mess ;

when there was a hapless hour of happiness;

On nights like this;

need to be distant

from you

no matter what you do

On nights like this

my eyes are open



only ;

swimming in tears the of sorrow

while my

heart grows


On; nights like this

need to find solid ground and clarity

Clarity which there needs to be

On; nights like this;

I lye breathless


for your repose;

As ; thy heart froze;

I looked for a glimpse of hope

of how to cope

On; nights like this

I wish this wasn’t so


on nights like this

had to learn to let you go

even though its killing me so

On nights like this