I stuck my finger in Nanny 8’s ass. She really liked it. it was the first time that I felt that she was mine to do with as I please. I want to cane her. She has the thick body for it.
Nanny 8 made dull sounds of pleasure, her hands on the headboard.
Nanny 8 is from Alaska. Alaska and Hawaii are coastal and isolated.Folks from Alaska go to Hawaii because of the cheap airfares and to get away from the freezing cold.
Nanny 8 used to hang with the natives in their villages where the appliances were communal and the tribal leader was the only one with a snow machine.
Nanny 8’s 68 year old father grows pot. She has smoked it and thinks it helps her to relax.
I want to be a Hells Angel. Nanny 8 thinks the Hells Angels are bad not badass. I agree with her. Still I would feel badass if I had a membership but, I would hate myself if I hurt anyone other than a member.
Men aren’t interested in Nanny 8 on line. Nanny 8 thinks she does better in person.
There is one man at Nanny 8’s work who comes in to talk to her. She likes talking to him but she doesn’t want to be with him because he had an expensive dinner in Vegas he needed to tell her about
I think Nanny 8 is beautiful. She doubts me because I see other women for the moment but I know that I belong to her if she wants to have me. Or when she feels me wanting her  she will abandon me like the other women I have been with. She has been pushing her body to be thinner.
I sucked on Nanny 8’s  voluminous breast and it lactated. She stopped breast feeding her son two weeks ago. She warned me, but I had to taste her breast.
I’m not convinced I want to read Gide’s journals. I should read all of his work. He wrote in the first person singular.
Nanny 8’s worker wants to do mollies with her. He has been wanting to have sex with her for a year. She may do it when she goes with him and the other coworkers to the coast.
In my dream my black Nanny was fighting a black man on the train. She had my baby in her arms. A second black man assaulted my black Nanny from behind. I looked for a policeman. I was scared. I didn’t want to get hurt. I justified my inaction obsessively.
My Nanny was from the Ivory Coast. She was very violent and had knife fights that were horrible and bloody. Nowadays she likes to post on Facebook in French.

Nanny 8 had a baby with a doctor. She doesn’t want to see me. She has no money. I have money. She hates me. She likes my money. I like her body and face, especially her face that is mocking and oblique. She knows where to be at the right time. It is how she is invisible. You will never see her when she is living her life. I have only seen the posts of her everyday life on Facebook in French.

What did he say. I remember what he said but I cant think it. It is there like the face looking in.

There was a net and sunlight. I was one year old. I wanted to get to the green.
I saw my father’s wrist and thin forearm. He had large fingers and hands. My hands are small. I had the intelligence of an eighty year old. At one years of age my acuity was there and then it wasn’t. My grandfather, a country doctor, knew who I was at two years. We discussed morbidity and mania. We terrorized the oldest villager who lived alone.