If your remember that strange but astoundingly OK film with Jared Leto – that’s good but it’s not what we’re talking about right now. But since this paragraph is an introduction and i don’t feel like a want to write a proper introduction – let’s make a cold opening. Oh, wait. I already did it.

Here the opening paragraph ends and we jump into the article.


Mr. Nobody is extremely bizarre character from Grant Morrison’s extremely bizarre run on extremely bizarre Doom Patrol. Extremely bizarre once again just because. Based on Bert Williams act and Betty Boop’s political adversary – Mr. Morrison’s Mr. Nobody is Commander-in-Chief of Brotherhood of Dada. And he’s quite moustache twirling “A-HA! Gotcha!” kind of guy with a twist. Liza Minelli would sing and dance for him on Earth-2. At some point of the story he starts a kind of political career.

So – here’s a panel.


Although it is extremely populist, middle of the road and all over the place – it reminded me of one old Butthole Surfers tune titled “The Weird Revolution”.

Mainly because it feels like a natural continuation of that speech. But in the comic it never feels really fleshed out. So the song actually adds many new layers to it. Mainly in your mind after read that.

Take a look:

On behalf of Dr. Timothy Leary;
in association with the legions of illuminated social rejects;
and as an influential administrator and creator of musical chaos in these so called “United States”
I stand as a messenger of strangeness this evening
in order to impress upon
or at least to instruct the honorable musicians
as to the methods and motives of the truly bizarre reality – The Weird Revolution.

Thomas Jefferson, cofounder and president of this normally corrupt nation said
“If God is truly just I tremble for the fate of my country”.

Secondly, there are some dynamics at play which I must familiarize you with.
The so-called weirdos in this country stand as completely freaked out by the normal man
as the normal man is completely freaked out by the weird masses reaction to him.

Which came first – you may ask – chicken or egg; you may ask. Well, the chicken of course;
and it’s time to break this weird-ass chain.
The weird masses don’t want to be normalized.
Weirdos want to be abnormal.
The freaks can’t be formally normalized
nor can we normally formalized.

What we want is complete weirdification.
Basically, we don’t want weirdness from the normal man.
We don’t want to be freaked out by the normal man.
We want to outfreak the normal man.
The normal man entices and prostitutes and performs surgery on our weird women.
Yes, even your brother could be a victim of his plastic fantasies.
And if you weird out his daughter he’ll plast your ass.
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
Are you freaking with me?
What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
So you can pluck out his feathers and smile because you are defending our weird women from the freaky-ass thoughts of the bug-eyed, bow-legged normal man.

Together with the song lyrics – it is a kind of ideal political doctrine. That how you talk the talk. In theory. And since it’s entirely fictional – there’s always a possibility for this idea to be realized. And since there’s new Doom Patrol coming soon – HEY MISTER GERARD WAY PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE! THIS IS REALLY GOOD IDEA!


P.S.: But if you think about the opening paragraph for a moment – Mr. Leto might be a good choice to play a live-action Mr. Nobody. With a little Joker make-over. Although there’s a possibility of making it the Riddler circa Batman Forever – it is plausible anyway. Makes no sense in any place of the universe. But then – on the next moment after you started to think about – Alan Rickman and his you-know-who comes to mind and things start to get funny.

I just wanted these pieces to be together in one post. And by the power of WordPress – i did it.