So I have heard that,
Love conquers it all,
Love, the most powerful thing on earth,
So they say, when there’s love,
Nothing can come between.

I beg to differ,
Not because I don’t believe in love. 
Or the magnificent power it holds,
But why is it defeated by less powerful things?

Just yesterday they broke up,
Broke each other’s heart into pieces, why you ask?
Because their religion wasn’t a match, 
And the love they had couldn’t conquer that,
And here I thought.
Our religions ought to teach us to love each other regardless,
I thought religions were there to unify us.

You can ask,
If love conquers it all, could there be wars?
All these killings around the world,
Where is love, you might wonder, 
People kill one another for power,
Humanity has been murdered, 
And love has been forgotten, 
Erased from the languages we speak,
And has been replaced by hatred,
We hate everything around us, 
And now we hate ourselves.

Sure, love conquers it all,
I can’t be so naive to say.
This can happen overnight, 
It will happen when we,
As one, acknowledge the power it holds,
The power to change us.
To change this world.
To be a place it meant to be,
A better place for us all,
Lets choose to love,
To love genuinely,
Until then, love will always be defeated.