A curious photo archivist from Newcastle stumbled on an amazing treasure trove of street photographs which capture the city’s Victorian residents going about their daily lives. Aaron Guy, who works at Newcastle’s Mining Institute, discovered the 300-image collection of early glass negatives after peering into a long-forgotten box.

A little girl looses her hat, while men in bowlers listen to a speech at the Temperance Festival on the Town Moor, Newcastle


Up it goes! A doughty competitor tests his strength at the Temperance festival on the Town Moor, Newcastle


Maritime legacy: Onlookers wait for the launch of a ship in Tyneside


Making their own fun: Children skip and play around a lamp post


Scouting the wares: A young girl examines the window display of a city shop selling fresh veg, sunlight soap and sweets


Women's work: Two Newcastle matrons pass the time over some knitting by the city's Quayside, while children loiter nearby


Earning a crust: A young peanut seller captured at work


Starting young: A little girl selling cordial with meat sellers at either Paddy's Market or Bigg Market, Newcastle


Having a chin-wag: Women chat outside caravans stationed at the city's Town Moor


Catching 40 winks: A man makes time for a nap in what was then the centre of Newcastle


Children gathered outside of the station hotel, Neville street watching a performance.