I am writing this on behalf of people who, because of you, now have bleeding ears…

I believe that before commenting on anything you must first see, hear, touch, witness or engage in whatever you wish to comment on…Well last night, I saw my first full episode of your show…

glee tv show poster promo

I had my suspicions about the state of mind I would be in after watching and last night, they were confirmed. After subjecting myself to the vomit-inducing auditory catastrophe known as your show, I wanted to find a bunch of leeches, put them in my ears and wait for them to slowly start sucking the blood out of my brain so that while I’m dying I can focus on the pain, instead of having the horrendous drivel of your songs and acting ingrained in my head. After watching your show I wanted to go to the seediest neighborhood I could find, and pay a 7 foot 4, five-hundred pound transgendered prostitute with a meth addiction to dance naked in front of me so maybe…Just MAYBE I could get something new to replace, in my mind, “the worst thing I’ve ever seen”. Your show is SO bad, that I could almost smell it rotting my TV– think dead fish, mixed with 5-year-old warm cheddar, covered in garbage and left to bake in the sun under a pile of dirty diapers…And you know how when you smell something, you can also sort of taste it…Yeah well imagine tasting that because that’s what I did your entire show. Also, if your show was a tangible object you could touch, I imagine it would feel like the goop you scoop out of a pumpkin…Essentially you were offensive to ALL five of my senses!

a young man vomiting all over the place

Shows like you are not only terrible, but you are contributing to what I call the “decline of music”. Along with shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent and others…you are helping to create a generation of auto-tuned, cookie cutter skanks who are more popular for having a sex tape than their “musical ability”. Music nowadays is like an elderly man on a respirator, if you look back, it had some great times and sure it could still pull through, but in the back of everyone’s mind they realize it’s not likely and really…We’re just waiting for someone to pull the plug.

I would, however, like to congratulate you on having a very diverse cast…you’ve got a decent looking girl who cares about her school work, but really wants to be attractive to the jock. You’ve got that jock who fits that “jock” description, but elaborate by saying that inside every jock is a guy who wants to sing and dance. You’ve got an overly gay guy. A handicapped person who strives to overcome his disability, preppy bitches, teen moms and teachers who sleep around…Congratulations on having every single stereotype…And reinforcing the SHIT out of each and every one…Well done!

the cast of glee stereotypes

Congratulations on the lame stereotypes GLEE. They're truly a vile sight to behold.

One good thing has come out of your show though…A lot of people are now referring to themselves as “Gleeks” which, just like Ed Hardy clothing, helps the rest of us realize very quickly, who the douchebags in every crowd are!

Yours in REAL Musical Taste;


so now all of your know what to get Kyle for Christmas ;P :