For years I have been a fairly avid follower of your career, and I would first like to compliment you on how much good you have done for the city of Gotham. I would also like to say, that until someone pointed them out, I never noticed the nipples on your Bat-Suit.

The reason for my letter is that in these times of war, racism, poverty and prejudice, I feel it is important for me to express my acceptance of your lifestyle. It may not be a good fit for everyone but I believe that to each their own. I know not everyone would want to parade around in tights and thwart evil doers, however, somebody’s got to do it.

With an occupation as high-profile as yours I can imagine how hard it would have been to come out of the closet. Even though, in all fairness I think most of us already knew…If your costume wasn’t a tip off, putting Robin in some green-dyed underpants and calling him your “Boy Wonder” kind of was. Clearly Gotham City’s policies on underage relations are much more relaxed than I thought.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m okay with your lifestyle choice and I am glad you found someone special to share your life with. And I’m sure you’ve found this out, but with Robin’s circus background, I’ll bet he’s pretty flexible…Wink, wink…