By Brock McLaughlin

Where poetic pop meets earth-inspired songwriting, you’ll find the unique and soulful music of singer/song-writer Jenikz. The Toronto native, currently living in Guelph, finds her peace and solace in yoga which she says also heavily influences her music.

Jenikz holding a peace sign

When it comes to writing all her music, Jenikz cites artists such as John Lennon as her influence. She wishes to communicate her passion for humanity and the earth through her song-writing the same way that Lennon did.

When asked about her relavency in a generation of Top 40 club hits, Jenikz says she still hopes to reach a huge audience without compromising her artistic integrity and style. She is open to collaborating with all kinds of artists, Top 40 or not as she says “being closed minded is the most expensive thing”. She really respects hard-working/passionate musicians no matter what genre, but when it comes to her own music, she stands firm in her desire to write songs that are honest and from her heart. She believes that you can still get a lot of people listening if you just learn to write a great song, which is something she strives to do—write “great music”.

Jenikz in sepia tone

Jenikz is an earth-loving, spiritual artist whose goal beyond being just another fish in the singer/song-writer sea, is to speak a humanitarian truth through her songs. Her warm and ambient instrumentation in combination with her soulful, sultry vocals and passionate poetic lyrical approach, makes for a very unique and soothing listening experience. She’s excited to share a message in her music that resonates with her and hopes it too, will resonate to those who have the opportunity to listen.