I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Jamie ‘Janx’ Johnston since we were teenagers. We both attended Ecole DeLaSalle, the French art high school back in Ottawa. Aside from the countless hours spent kicking around the ol’ hacky sack and wandering around quasi-aimlessly & discombobulated through the streets of Lowertown, our young lives had a central theme; we were seeking out the mediums and methodologies necessary to express ourselves in the real world. We were “looking for the art” in everything, and when we found it we would wonder how to go about synergizing it with our pre-existing creative drive. Not every newfangled concept was a gem. Art school kids surely spend a lot of time wading through the muck of their own failures, and a novice’s imagination can tend to be so much more beautiful and interesting than their work. But with his Paris 2010 exhibit, Jamie shows us all that he has clearly been able to bridge the gap between imaginative ideas and form.

Rue Malbranche, Paris photography by Canadian artist Jamie Johnston

[rue Malebranche]

I’ve played with landscape photography from the very first time I picked up a camera. Yet, I spend most of my photographic adventures in the forest. Julian, a dear friend, saw Paris as a great opportunity to expand my palette of landscape photography. I believe the works I came back with opened more doors to my mind’s creativity then I would have ever imagined. Walking the streets and alleys of Paris, the idea of an outdoor exhibit came naturally. Framed canvas hung in a maze of old doors, recreated the setting of this marvelous experience. Trying my twist on a subject known around the world.”
– Jamie ‘Janx’ Johston

Hull, Gatineau, Quebec, photographie par artiste Canadien Jamie Johnston Janx working on his installation (Hull, June 2010)

May 12th, 2010 – Paris

…I’ve made my way out to Paris. This is an experience I’ll never forget…

Boul. Raspail, Paris photography by Canadian artist Jamie Johnston

[Boulevard Raspail]

…The palette of things to work with Photographically, WOW! Everything has so much texture…The challenge of capturing this all à la Janx, is one I welcome…

Rue Nevers, Paris photography by Canadian artist Jamie Johnston

[rue Nevers]

…I’m having an amazing time just strolling the streets, alleys and parks. It’s almost too much to take in. So many images…

Musée du Moyen Age, Paris, photography by Canadian artist Jamie Johnston

[Musée du Moyen Age]

…I’ve just got this feeling that all this inspiration will push me to mature in my art form…

Tour Eiffel, Paris, photography by Canadian artist Jamie Johnston

[Tour Eiffel]

…Constance, Julian and I have been friends for years, traveling with them brings back so many great memories and creates many new ones at the same time.

Jamie Johnston, Julien et Constance Lortie a Paris

Paris 2010 video: The Installation, the Images, Handcrafted Merchandise & Photo Booth Images:

To see the rest of the PARIS 2010 collection & more check out Jamie’s website JANXOLOGY.com